Voltage, LLC provides high quality EBOS solutions and services across a broad spectrum of the renewable energy sector. Innovations such as the leading-edge Voltage “Reel PnP” system benefit our industry partners through improved efficiencies in budgets and labor. 

These close collaborations with industry partners in all phases from engineering to highly coordinated as-needed delivery management drive our continued growth as a trusted resource in this rapidly expanding industry.


The engineering team at Voltage provides high level experience, BIM renderings, technical drawing assistance and seeks out the best component materials available from the pre-construction phase through to final installation.

Voltage utilizes state-of-the-art 3D modeling programs to more accurately pinpoint design variables before the project gets on the field. This process reduces the costs of a project by knowing the challenges before the first piece of the framework is installed in the ground.

Voltage designs, builds and delivers pre-assembled reels to the project site eliminating onsite assembly.  Our engineering dept. collaborates with the industry partner and determines the length and connections for every row and every reel, expertly matching them to ensure installation efficiencies in labor and costs that are unmatched.

The Voltage LYNX® Trunk Bus System

Voltage is proud to present its newest product line, the Voltage LYNX® trunk bus system. The Voltage LYNX® is a next-generation solar harness system that provides streamlined power transmission from solar panels to the power collection system.


When a customer orders Voltage products for their solar project, they are not only getting high quality cabling solutions, but also a trusted partner in the solar industry. The personal approach we take here at Voltage carries over into all facets of the business.

Value-added services, such as our engineering department, collaborate with each customer to plan and build a customized order that ensures the perfect fit for their project. We seek out and implement the best solutions so the customer gets the best value, that’s the Voltage Way.

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Our innovation, diversification and consistent high-quality wiring solutions drive the company’s continued growth.

With over 21GW of solar wiring solutions delivered and in the current pipeline nationwide, Voltage is a trusted partner of many top solar companies in the industry.

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